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What We Do

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Optimised software is an essential tool to run any organisation ensuring minimal operational interruption while saving costs. We assist with :

  • Researching, sourcing or developing specific software
  • Guidance with software development
  • Ensuring the correct solution to enhance audit readiness
  • Website development and guidance through VIOWeb

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Electronic Flight Bags play a significant role in aviation through the improvement of safety standards and contribute to cost savings. We assist with:

  • EFB implementation through change management
  • Optimised environment and knowledge setup
  • Program sourcing
  • Device maintenance and management

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With a wealth of aviation experience within the fields of charter, airline, training and RPAS/drones, VIO Aviation Solutions can supply services including:

  • Operations improvement and compliance management
  • Assisting with operational decision making
  • Creating or editing of company manuals
  • Alignment with IATA and BARS standards

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As the drone/RPAS industry accelerates, we are here to guide and assist with the following through our VRS division:

  • Research and guidance when exploring the options of starting or expanding operations
  • Training and pilot services through Cranfield Aviation Training
  • Optimal device selection
  • Registered service provider sourcing

Who We Are

VIO Aviation Solutions is a proprietary limited company formed in 2019 and jointly owned by two commercial pilots, Peter-John Aitken and Jonathan Bates. VIO Aviation Solutions is a company positioned to provide the aviation industry with cost-effective software allowing for the optimisation of applications within the aviation business landscape. VIO Aviation Solutions primary focus is on promoting innovation and innovative solutions thinking.

The name VIO stems from the Roman numerals 510 which is the highest altitude commercial aircraft can operate. The level represents the service standards to customers which the company aspires to achieve.

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Peter-John Aitken is the director and founder of VIO Aviation Solutions along with being a qualified airline pilot, RPAS instructor with a BCom in Aviation Management completed through the Da Vinci Institute of Technology Management.
P-J has gained over 8500 flight hours and more than ten years’ experience in the management of charter and airlines. P-J’s flying experience has taken him all over Africa operating a Cessna Caravan in Gabon to ferrying a Beechcraft 1900D from North America to South Africa. P-J has a passion for innovation and technology within the aviation industry and believes in the possibilities of improving systems while reducing costs.
P-J enjoys the outdoors on his mountain bike or in the Kruger National Park.

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Jonathan Bates is a director of VIO Aviation Solutions is a BCom Honours graduate in marketing management, licenced commercial pilot with a flight instructors rating and a RPAS pilot.
Jonathan has an array of skills from auditing to project management in the corporate and banking sector. Jonathan thrives in the innovative environment aiming at optimising systems and processes.
While Jonathan is not at his desk, he enjoys the outdoors, especially running and triathlons. Jonathan has completed many marathons locally and globally, and even summited Kilimanjaro.

Our Brands

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Peter-John Aitken

+27 83 230 7821

Jonathan Bates

+27 83 708 7373

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